Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Marches On

Charles Lindbergh

I have just been sitting around thinking that when my knee gets on the mend I need to find some interesting things to do.  Other than house cleaning that is. House cleaning is something that really needs to be done. Just in case somebody drops in. If the house is clean you do not have to smile and bear it; you can smile and mean it.

I could join the Senior Center and take up something. I wonder what they do over there.
I am not necessarily inclined to volunteer for a job. I know somebody has to do it. Well, let somebody do it, I won’t stand in their way.
We hear a lot of complaining about how bad things are today compared to a few years back.  I guess it depends on how far back you want to go.  I remember when toilet paper was an outdated Sears Catalog. To go to the bathroom, meant a few yards out back to the little brown shack. It didn’t matter if there was three feet of snow. You had no choice. This was for the little kids as well as the older folk.
Another, not so fond, memory was the schoolhouse. Ours was located exactly one and a half mile from home. You had to hoof it because there was no yellow school bus. Again it didn’t matter if there was three feet of snow. Nobody had a cell phone so the parents could be called to let them know you made it okay. They knew you would be safe.

Recently a family finds their 10-month old baby missing from her crib and it is front-page news until another one happens. Back in 1932 a baby belonging to Charles and Anne Lindbergh was taken out of his crib and his body was found two months later. It made front-page news for years. Charles Lindbergh being a famous aviator was part of the reason it was talked about for so long. Famous aviator? do we still have famous aviators?  


Anonymous said...

What a good story,it puts us in our place when we complain about today.
By the time I came along I had that yellow bus to take me to school, I did for a few years when we moved out to the country we did have that outhouse.Bathrooms in side the house are nice!!

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

I remember it well.
Tell me, what progress is there with your back? I am seeing the spine doctor next week and wonder if there are any new procedures that I can ask about.

Jimh. said...

Chuck Yeager(Broke mach 1), Dick Rutan(Flew Voyager around the world, developed many new aircraft designs and Space Ship One), General Robin Olds(WWII-Vietnam War ace), Glen Edwards(Flew the flying wing and died in it, only to have the premier US Test Base named for him), Captain Sullenberger(Landed the Miracle on the Hudson!) Need I go on? Yeah, I dredged some older ones up, but they stick out! Love you Grandma!!

Lorrene said...

We do have them. I should have known you would remember them. I remember Sullenberger very well. A lot of people owe their life to him.

Anonymous said...

I think it is setting Still !!!