Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Basic Cream Pie

I have this cookbook from the olden days, and it has this wonderful cream pie recipe in it. I have used it so much the page fell out of the book. So for you that are not on a diet, I took a picture of it for you. It’s a basic cream pie recipe and you add whatever you want it to be. I usually make the chocolate Pie.  I have never made a peanut butter pie, but here is the recipe.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter and Other Headaches.

Today it decided to snow some more. I think it's because I had a medical appointment with  a  pain clinic at 9:15. I left the house about 45 minutes early because the streets looked very icy. The streets were somewhat icy, but we have a wonderful street crew in this town. They get out early and start spreading the sand/deicer. It's very much appreciated. By the time I got out of the place, the sun was out and the streets were clear, but wet. I can handle wet.
I was so early, I told the man next to me in the waiting room that I was prepared to camp out there for a long while. I no sooner got the words out of my mouth and I heard my name. I looked around to see who had the same name as me. Then she repeated it with my last name. "Do miracles ever cease" I said to myself. They have a blood pressure machine that almost squeezed my arm off. Other than that things went okay.
I was so glad that I didn't have to hang around for a long time because the last shot I had was terrible painful. So I was really dreading it. The shots (they always give me two) Maybe if you buy two, you get one for free. Anyway the shots today were not nearly as painful as the last time. The doctor is either getting better or I'm getting tougher. That's all the news in my town.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Makes People Tick

A judge arrested for DUI.  He will soon be back on the bench judging other DUI people.
He’ll have sympathy for them now because he has walked in their shoes. Just who we need in our judicial system, somebody who has been there.

A mother murdered her 13-month old baby with her bare hands because he would not stop crying. She won that round, he won’t cry anymore. People that have anger problems and uncontrolled temper issues should have themselves sterilized. The going trend seems to be, if you have killed your child just throw him in the weeds some place and tell authorities he was kidnapped. 

A man fires a semiautomatic rifle at the White House. Ingenious thought out plan. He can spend a little time in prison contemplating what he could have done differently. He believed attacking the White House was part of a personal mission from God. Well, think again Bubba, if God wanted the White House attacked he wouldn’t need your help.

Now that takes me to Herman Cain. God convinced him to enter the race for president, but God must have forgotten about all those women that were sexually harassed. Or maybe they are just making it up. Stick to your guns Herman, they can’t prove anything.

And then there was Penn State. Thank God, the victims are finally being heard.  Does it seem strange to anyone that so many pedophiles, scammers, and cheating swindlers are being exposed. It’s about time. What makes people tick?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update on a Boring Subject

This picture is not me, I wish I looked like her. My therapy is going along quite steadily. Three times a week. I was very skeptical about it when I started. I  honestly thought it was a big waste of time. Well I have an announcement to make. It has helped a lot. I can even walk better. I don't feel like I'm going to fall over any minute. It's really strange how it can help that much. My knee is much better. I no longer have that 'restless leg thing' going on while sitting. You have to do a lot of counting. Do this and hold for five seconds for 10 times each leg and do three sets. It gets confusing or am I just easily confused. I was glad to hear that I will not need surgery on the knee.
I have been to the pain clinic and had a shot in each hip to block pain. It has helped a little, but it is supposed to take awhile. Then I get one in the back and knee if I still need it. They are very painful..