Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Way it is

It’s a quiet weekend on the home front. I am dog sitting or in this case the dog is sitting me. This dog is big enough to take care of herself, so we are just keeping each other company. Now and then the dog comes over and lays her paw on my leg so I guess you could say we have been holding paws all weekend.
She is quiet and not anxious about anything. I was afraid she would be pacing the floor. My dog died about four years ago and sometimes I think about getting another one, but haven’t been too serious about it yet. My son said,” You don’t need to get another dog, you can borrow ours.”
Somehow that just isn’t the same as having your own dog. That would be like borrowing somebody’s kid for a day or two. Who does that?
It’s been cold as Alaska, but no snow and I am very pleased about that. 

I tried to take a picture of the dog, but it was impossible to get a good one. My camera is slow and I'm even slower. S
he would always move before I could snap it. In this one, she not only moved, she laid down and went to sleep.   
Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day. Some holidays we light firecrackers, or dye and hunt Easter eggs or wear green, or eat big meals, or buy each other gifts or send valentines. We need to come up with something fun to do for his day. I guess there will be parades, but that isn’t much fun.
Till Next Time.

This is Pepper