Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Crazy World

Now when we shop for groceries, everything has a label about how many calories, carbs, four different types of fat, protein, fiber, sugars, and sodium. It also tells how many servings in a container. A serving is one half cup.  PALEEEEES !  How many people eat just one half cup of anything?  Now, you need to multiply and divide and calculate.  My Parakeet, if I had one, eats more than that at a sitting.  It’s not enough to dirty up your mouth over.  How about buying one of those packaged up foods. The picture looks delicious and it has servings for four. I open it up and since I’m on this strict diet, I will get to eat the whole box. Honestly!
If that isn’t enough to raise your blood levels, watch an hour of Dr Phil.  He had a lady on his program that sadly, truly needs to be reprogrammed. She doesn’t believe there is a problem. She has had so many bust transplants, implants or stretches, she now wears a size K bra. She wants to be an L. A doctor on the program said they go all the way to a Z.  Can you imagine how it would feel to have two mammoth round watermelons stuck to the front of your bosom? How does she sleep? If she accidentally rolled over on her stomach, she would probably bounce out of bed.  She could use them as a shelf to set her coffee on. Men, with small brains and too much money, pay her, just because. So she is being paid. Somebody has to pay for all that surgery and her custom made clothes.  Oh well, whatever turns your burner on.