Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magical Phone

My brother, Hollis lives in another city. We talk on the phone now and then. Sunday night he called and apologized for not answering my call. He said they didn’t get to the phone before I hung up. I told him I had not called. He said, “Yes, you did, the phone rang and your number was on the caller ID.”  I said, “Well, I beg you'alls pardon, but I did not call you or anyone. I haven’t been on the phone all day.”   He said, “How did your number get on my caller ID?”  I said, “ I don’t know, but I guess whoever is behind this thinks we need to talk to each other, so lets talk.”  Then I told him how I accidentally called our brother, Ray a few weeks ago.  So we talked about Ray for awhile, and then we got on the subject of our father, and we both had good things to say about him.  I don’t remember what else we talked about and when I hung up I remembered something I forgot to tell him, so I called back. He was in the shower by then so I talked to Dar, my sister-in-law, for another 30 minutes.  
 Conclusion of the story is that I have a magical phone and it calls people that I need to talk to. Who needs a secretary? 

I learned something new this weekend that I bet you have not heard of. Do you peel a banana from the stem down and sometimes you can’t break the stem over so you need a knife.  Well, turn the banana over and squeeze the end of it a little and break the skin and peel it from that end. Probably everybody already knows about that, but I never get out of the box. I was still doing it like my mama taught me when I was 3 years old. 

This is Hollis and Dar 

This is my brother, Ray.  

This is Hollis as a freckled faced kid.
He always had a beaming smile 

Our Dad
(now deceased)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not Much

Blue Seattle

I am at a loss for Blog material. Not much to talk about. I had a nice weekend. Some of my family from Tacoma came over to visit. I enjoyed it very much. I'm having one of those birthdays coming up so we got an early start and celebrated.
The weather is hot and this is better than freezing and snow. Much better !!   

Friday, August 10, 2012

Stuff to Stuff Someplace

I was out and about this morning, and passed house after house having yard sales.  How did they get all that stuff in their house in the first place? It’s the great American pass-time. Have a yard sale or go to one.  
 Everybody and their uncle come to buy more “Stuff” to take home to their house. Tables piled up and over flowing with stuff. Everybody need more stuff to stuff in their nooks and crannies”. 

I’m having an ongoing pursuit for hot water.  The pilot light went out on the hot water heater numerous times. I am now awaiting the third visit from the heating and air conditioning business. I wish they had an Xray or a MRI machine that would detect what the problem is.  
I can’t go to a yard sale, I have to stay home and wait for the Heating and A/C business to come calling. No more stuff for me. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Pictures

The weather is fine. No need complaining, it will not change anything. My sister in Oklahoma had to evacuate their home because of wildfires, but it didn't reach them. On top of that it was 113 degrees and had not rained for a long while. 
I have a couple new pictures of a Great Granddaughter. I think they are cute. 

This is a view from her back porch the night of the fire.

This is Chloe pretending she is Mommy

They rescued this little stray kitten. It is no longer a stray and growing by leaps and bounds.

I think Kitty is planning his escape.