Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mr. Winter has over stayed his welcome.

   Beautiful blue skies and white clouds today in the Yakima valley. I think it's about time since March is just around the corner. The longest February I have ever lived through. Now I can take the ski's off the car and put the tires back on.
The streets and my driveway are severely damaged from the icy winter. The city has already gone over budget with keeping the streets sanded so they have no money for repairing potholes and I have no money to fix my driveway with.
Boohoo, but I got some good news on the results of a biopsy. No cancer. I had colon cancer in 1997 which I survived, but once you have cancer you tend to worry about it returning and I had symptoms. Everything is Okie Dokie.
I also had the test on my heart. Nothing wrong with it either. Now I can shoot for 100. As if that would be an honor. Living in a warehouse in a bed the rest of my life doesn't appeal to me. 
Let me count my grandkids again. Six Granddaughters. eight great grandkids and one on the way. She should be here in April or May. I realize if it wasn't for me those exact same people wouldn't be here. I must be pretty important!!!
Enough of this, on with my day.