Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Day

I haven't written for a few days and it's because I have nothing to write about.
I went to the Fiesta Food store one day. That was kind of exciting. They play lively Spanish music that makes you want to dance a jig as you go down the aisle. Every week they have coupons in the paper for a fantastic unbelievable price on an item or two. This week it was two loaves of bread for one dollar. They also had a five pound bag of flour for 99 cents. While there I decided to pick up ingredients for a Reuben Sandwich which I have been craving lately. I looked up and down the meat aisle looking for Pastrami until I drew the attention of one of the Hispanic clerks. He asked if he could help me find something. I told him I was looking for Pastrami and he looked at me like I had just escaped the Loony farm. I told him I wanted to make a Reuben sandwich. Now I had him convinced more that ever that my brain had slipped off the track. He told me they sell food that appeals more to the Hispanics and he didn't think they carried it. I asked if they had sauerkraut and he very proudly told me that they did and went running across the store and brought a jar back to me. He found the Swiss cheese and we gave up on the Rye bread. At least I made part of his day go a little faster.
Another thing I enjoy doing when I go into a grocery store is to find the Pepsi guy stocking the shelf. I always ask him where the Salad dressing is or the Cake mix or whatever I happen to think of. They just love pointing out their Pepsi Cola emblem on their shirt to me and saying, "I don't work here, I work for Pepsi Cola". It makes their day not to mention what it does for mine.