Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time Waits for Nobody

I have just lost a whole hour or gained one. I'm not sure which. The weatherman told me to set my clock back an hour last night. I have always trusted the weatherman so I set all the clocks back last night. I thought it was strange that my paper came an hour early and so did the mail man. I thought they forgot to set their clocks back. I thought my new computer was broken because the time didn't adjust for the setting and my telephone didn't either. I think it's a ridiculous idea anyway. You can't fool mother nature. You can't hold your breath for one hour and wait for time to catch up. I guess what the storm chaser said was to set your clocks back this weekend.


Cora said...

You haven't learned yet not to trust the weather man he is always wrong. don't worry you will catch up with the rest of us tomorrow.

Jimh. said...

Just think of it as being ahead of everyone else! And it is about time your paper came early for once!

Erin said...

One lady at work tried to say she was late last Monday because she thought the time change was last weekend. Everyone else laughed and I sat there thinking....wouldn't you be early and not 30 minutes late??