Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Day Another Scam

Adsense is a company that uses your blogs to advertise for others. You will get a few cents each time somebody clicks on the ads that are on your website. So I signed up for it. I let them use my blog to advertise many different things over the years. When you earn one hundred dollars they will pay you. You never make 100 dollars. I only made about 34 dollars in three years. Not a very productive way to make money if you ask me. So I mentioned to a few of my friends that it would be nice if folks would click on my ads. Now I began to make a few cents every few days and had earned $55.00 and I was happy about it. That happiness didn't last long. One day Adsense took their ads off of my blog and said it appeared that I was doing something illegal and I was no longer a customer. I don't remember the exact words, but it was words to that effect. What about the 34 dollars I had made before I became so illegal. I gave them free advertising space for three years or more. They can cheat us, but if we cheat them back.
Oh Well, Merry Christmas to them too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Day another Rant

Not much of anything going on around here except the weather. Even the bears think it's too cold. It is now six degrees and the forecast is for 5 below zero. It snowed all day Monday.
They are still waiting for word on the adoption. There has been a delay and each delay seems to take another month or so. I don't know why it needs to be so complicated.
It snowed in Seattle and so they have called it a snow day for two days. That is one of the delays and now a holiday. The wheels of adoption move slowly.
Now I have my round of doctor's to go to. I am not sure why all this always seem to happen in the winter months. One week it's blood work. The next week it's the primary doctor. The next one is the eye doctor. Then the mammogram. I have to call them for an appointment so I will ask for March or wait until March to call. I wouldn't want to leave this out. In February I have the dreaded colonoskcopy. I don't know how to spell it and neither does spell-check. You never get too old for any of these things. I guess the older you get the more doctors you need to see.
It is 10 PM and time to turn out the lights. Goodnight all !!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Wait Project chapter 20

Everybody listen up !!
They are not allowed to go get my cousin yet.
They need another document.
Can you believe it ??

I'm tired of this waiting game. I have my rocket ship
fired up and ready to go.

Always fasten your seat belt.
Chloe, I'm on my way.

I decided to wear my coat. It might be cold in China.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Waiting is Over

I have an announcement !!!
My new cousin is coming soon
Her name is Chloe !!!

The new parents
Jim and Cora

Mommy and Daddy are coming for me !!

I will have my own private room.
I might miss my room mates.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stop Smoking or Else

Ann Sheridan was a chain smoker for years. Died of esophageal cancer. She was 51.

Some things are easier to give up than others. I need to give up Pepsi Cola because it is too expensive for my budget. I gave up iced vanilla latte’s some time ago. That wasn’t too hard to do, but this Pepsi is a different story. Even though I only drink one can a day.

Many years ago I gave up a cigarette habit. I hated it, but just kept smoking and puffing away, but I did begin to pray that God would help me quit. Let me tell you something. God answers prayer, but maybe not the way we would like it to be.
So this is what happened:
One day I laid the little cigarettes down and never picked one up again. I didn’t pussyfoot around about it. I worked at that time and Margaret, one of my co-workers was always telling different folks that I just went home from work one night and quit smoking. She was so impressed about it, but it wasn’t quite as easy as she made it sound. It was a fact that I quit cold turkey and never touched another one, but I got a little cancer alarm and that was all it took. I had awakened from a Saturday afternoon nap and was coughing up blood.
This was before computers, so I dug out the medical book and one of the first symptoms of lung cancer can be coughing up blood. That was all it took. I slammed the medical book shut and went into high gear worry mode. It is Saturday, and I can’t call a doctor. You don’t go to emergency and tell them you think you have cancer. I even considered it because I wanted it taken out of me ASAP. I knew I would be the laughing stock of the emergency room if I showed up with my emergency case of cancer. So I cooled my heels and waited for Monday.
No cigarettes touched my lips again. I prayed some more. Sunday afternoon I took another nap and woke up with the taste of blood in my mouth. I put 2 and 2 together and rationalized that the blood must be coming from my mouth somehow. I finally found that I had a canker sore in my mouth and it was bleeding. I guess when I would go to sleep it drained down my throat and that was why I was coughing up the blood. I don’t even know if it was a canker sore, or just a hole that God put there temporarily. I got the message loud and clear from God. Quit smoking. I knew in my heart of heart that God was answering my prayer, by letting me know how I would feel if I really had cancer, but now I need to do my part. So I obeyed.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Great Grand Kids

A little girl waiting for her parents to come and get her.
Cora and Jim are expecting news any day that
lets them travel to China to pick her up.
Another picture of the little charmer. Cora and her niece, LeahAnother little charmer

This is all for now folks. Come back later to see
more pictures. My Great Grandma likes to show us off.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Penny Saved is Not Much

Air Conditioning

My latest pet peeve is the games you have to play to get the most for your money when shopping for groceries. When a person lives alone it’s even harder to play their games.
Buy one and get one free. I only want one so why can’t they just say its half price. I cut out the coupons and remember this one doesn’t start until Friday. To use this one you will need to buy $10.00 worth of non-coupon items. It’s only $2.50 per pound, but you need to buy the family pack
I don’t have the money for the family pack. Or how about Coke and Pepsi. One time they put it on sale, but you can only buy one at that price. The next time it goes on sale, you cannot get the sales price unless you buy four cartons.

If it’s a dairy product, be sure to check the expiration date. Chances are it will only be good for a few days. I wish all the stores would carry spices in the smaller sizes. Why can’t they sell honey in packets like you get at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I buy the smallest size they sell, but always end up throwing out the honey because I can never use that much in one lifetime. I guess honey will keep for eons, but it turns to sugar and I think that may be the century it needs to be disposed of.
I am not much of a pro with this coupon business. I have only recently started paying more attention to them. I notice some people have big envelopes stuffed with coupons. I will always be an amateur in the coupon world.