Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I happened to hit this grocery store on Senior Discount Wednesday.  It was teeming with little old ladies such as myself. There must have been 35 or 40 of us. I have decided I am a tad bit faster than the average little old lady so this experience was driving me nuts. How long should it take to decide if you want chocolate frosting or vanilla frosting? The aisles are narrow and you can do nothing, but grit your teeth and mutter to yourself. We each had to take turns standing in front of the expensive meat counter admiring all the steaks and roasts and other beef cuts before we could move on.  That slowed things down a tad.  When I finally decided to check out I was lucky or so I thought. There was one check out lane that was just opening and I was first. I unloaded everything on the counter and the clerk was trying to get the money machine to work. He had to call an expert and she couldn’t get it to work. So after my lucky break I ended up loading my groceries back into my cart and went to a different checkout counter. That was my day here in the fast lane.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Life is hard

If it isn’t one stupid thing, it’s another stupid thing.  It’s like somebody sits around somewhere and thinks up new things to charge me for.  The car insurance decided to charge me another $10.00 for my car insurance.  No rhyme, no reason it was a rate increase. Today I get a bill from the medical supply business that I have my C-pap gismo through. It was a bill for $10.00. It was for filters that I use in the C-pap. When I called she couldn’t find exactly when I ordered extra filters so she will look into it further and call me back. No call yet. Why would I order extra filters. I forget half the time to even change the filter. I know I did not order extra filters. Medicare and insurance pays for the amount we are suppose to have each month. Now because somebody got the billing screwed up I am obligated to pay for extra filters. That may seem so petty you must wonder why I’m belly-achin about it, but ten dollars is ten dollars.

Summer is around the corner and then I’ll have something new to belly-ache about. Hot weather is not my favorite thing. The only good thing about it is my tomato crop. Last year I planted two tomatoes in pot’s and I had wonderful tomatoes all summer. I will do it again if it ever stops freezing at night.
Tomorrow I get my Vitamin B12 shot. That happens every other week. I am not complaining about it because I definitely need those shots.
Till next time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Day Down the Tube

Air Traffic Controllers are not the only ones that go to sleep on the job. 

 My only Soap Opera, All My Children, is going off the air and I think I know why. They ran out of men for Erica to marry. Now somebody has kidnapped her, and poor Jackson thinks she has changed her mind about marrying him and he even suspected that Caleb was behind her disappearance. Emma is being a brat and needs to sit in the naughty chair. I am going to miss it, I have been watching it off and on since it's beginning. I liked all of the old actors and always feel bad when one leaves the show.

I had a phone call the other night from somebody I grew up with and we had been out of touch  for 65 or more years. Her name is Mary Ruth and did we ever have a lot to talk about. We would try to hang up and then take off on something else. I guess most people call her Mary now, but she is still Mary Ruth to me. Her and Beverly were my childhood friends. We had lots of fun growing up.We went to the same one room school house. I think we will keep in touch now. It's so much easier than it was years ago. My sister Carol, that lives in her area had run into her some time ago and told her about my blog. She is not into computers so she had her daughter see if she could find the blog on her computer. Beverly had her daughter looking for it too. Anyway they found it.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lost Cause

This is a picture of some GI's in the early 40's. They were burying "Lost Cause" whatever that was. They seemed to be taking it quite seriously. They even seem to be saying a prayer. Back then they didn't have a big protest march and cause a riot. They just buried it and forgot about it.
The one in the middle is my late husband. Now that brings me to this. What is the connection between 'late' and  'dead'? My husband is dead, not late.  Some people say passed away instead of dead and I usually do, but I wanted to make a point about it this time. I had not met him yet when this picture was taken.
To change the subject why can't we wait until next year to start the election. I think I would rather vote for Charlie Sheen then Donald Trump. What does Donald Trump know besides selling and buying real estate. Is that a qualification for being president? I think it's a lost cause. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm always an hour late and a dollar short. This is something everybody and his dog probably knew 10 years ago, but I just discovered it. Maybe the reason I just discovered it is because I have poor eyesight. When you read something online and you wish the writing was a little larger just press CTRL and the plus sign at the same time. It will enlarge the whole page. CTRL minus will make it smaller and CTRL zero will bring it back to normal.  Glasses corrected my vision before I had the cataract surgery. Now they can't seem to bring it to 20/20. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Using the mouse from the computer she is calling her cousin.
Talking to her cousin on her cell phone.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rantin and Ravin

 I spent most of yesterday trying to get a virus off of my laptop. My AVG anti-virus popped up a message that they  had blocked a virus and  my computer was protected, but my browser wouldn't open. Frustration to the max. I kept getting a message from some  eset source that was telling me my computer had a virus and  I needed to upgrade my anti-virus. It had to be paid for before they would take care of it. I was highly suspicious of their offer so I didn't buy it. I finally noticed that I had two icons on my desktop that I thought were both AVG anti-virus. I looked more carefully to see why I would have two of them. The same identical icon, but one said AVG free.anti virus and the other one said eset anti-virus. So I googled eset and found that it was a totally different anti-virus company. I remembered downloading it a couple weeks ago because I thought it was AVG wanting me to upgrade. After a couple weeks they started the pop up messages that they could  repair my computer. So I clicked okay. It repaired about 400 errors and if I wanted it to correct the next 740 errors I would need to buy the full version. I cannot say enough unkind words about them and their unscrupulous tactics. When I realized it was a different company it only took about 2 seconds to find the thing and  uninstall it. Suddenly my browser was working just fine. I had no more popup's about a virus.
That sort of thing should be regulated somehow. Many people would probably go ahead and buy from the crooks.  Just like magic that would have ended the problem.  Or some people would have taken their computer to a shop and paid them to figure it out. If I was flushed with money I would have done that too. 
I have more time than money so I went after it like a dog after a bone. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
I think they tried to put a virus on it and my anti-virus service didn't allow it. I don't know how they kept my browser from opening. I even tried another browser and it wouldn't open either. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Trails To You

This is my current pet peeve.Toilet Paper!!! Yes toilet paper. For some reason and I suspect it is to fool the consumer into thinking he is paying for the same amount of toilet paper. Instead of raising the prices of it they make it more narrow and put it on a larger cardboard holder. We, the consumers, will be too dumb to notice. 
If they want more money why don't they just charge more money. What can we do about that? What else can we use to replace it? Give us a break! Here is a link where a few have complained about it and if you wish to complain feel free. Toilet paper complaint.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back on the Farm

The colonoscopy is in my past.  Now I can get on with my life.
Back in the early days it took a lot of planning to do anything. You had to set aside many hours to accomplish anything. We had no modern shortcut tools to do anything with. Even making a cake. Now you can pull a cake mix out of the cupboard and make a cake. Back then you had to mix the thing up from scratch. That means you had to scratch around in the cupboard and find a cup of this and a spoonful of that and finally you had all the ingredients together,you had no mixer, they had not been invited yet. So you had to beat the cake by hand with a large spoon for five minutes or so as hard as you could.
It was not a lot of fun so we only had it on very special occasions. On Sunday we sometimes enjoyed a fantastic treat of fried chicken and let me tell you, here and now, fried chicken was much tastier in those days then it is now or we certainly would not have gone to so much trouble to have it. First we had to catch the poor defenseless chicken and that part was easy because they trusted us, we were the ones that fed them. Excuse me, I think I am going to shed a tear now as I think of it. Poor old chickens. 
I am not going to go into detail on how the slaying was accomplished because it was gross. The thought of that procedure brings back such traumatizing memories that I may need to see a therapist if I dwell on it. I seemed to be the only one that was disturbed about it. Let me tell you what they did after the chicken was dead. They had a bucket of scalding hot water and they dipped the chicken up and down in the water as causally as if they were dipping apples in hot chocolate. People were so heartless then. Now some people even let chickens and pigs live in their house.
The next ritual was plucking all the feathers out of the chicken. There was one more torturous step. The chicken had its limbs cut off, its heart cut out and finally was dipped in flour and put in a frying hot pan of lard. Shortening had not been born yet.  Life was tough back then.  You probably are dying to know how they killed pigs for food. I will spare you of that one because I was at school while it went on, but I heard stories about how it was done. Life was tough back then, but it had its good side. People didn’t have to have colonoscopies.