Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hodgepodge of Old Pictures

I have nothing better to do so will post some old photos.
No rhyme or reason, it's just the Season.
I spent  many hours of my youth in this building
listening to the wind whistling around the corner of the building.
When I hear that sound today I am instantly reminded of it.
We called it the School House.

It's me in my earlier life. I know not when.
My oldest brother, Cecil.
Many moons ago.

Shelby, Tyler, Leah
The girls are sisters and Tyler is their cousin.
This is a new picture

Lorrene and Chris(my DIL)
Taken at Harmon House, The man over my right shoulder is Carl Dye was in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. The other man is Carlos somebody and I can't think of the lady's name.
I am showing a plate of plum's Dixie had grown. I have her picture, but can't locate it. She is the one that took the photo.

This  little sweetheart is Tyler, my newest great grandson. 

This is the building Dr. Beech had his office in when I was born. (1928) This picture was many years later.

Sisters, Katie Engel and Laura Johnson
Mel and his girls Emily and Molly.
They were color coded. Molly in the pink.

Karen and Mel doing a scene of Bonnie and Clyde

L to R Jerry Hazelton, Alice Tobey, Beth Richardson.
FR. Glen Lemaster, Florence Lemaster and Wayne LeMaster

Bud and Kenny and Mt Rainier about 1952

Have a Witch of a Halloween

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall is Falling

Fall has fallen again. Nothing much to look forward to unless you enjoy snow falling and filling up the driveway and dark falls a little too soon as well.  I live in the midst of three schools so I watch the kids marching down the sidewalk  to school, but when they go home in midafternoon they seem to be  much more hurried. They run and laugh with their friends. When I moved here about 24 years ago I was told I might regret living where so many kids might be a nuisance. Kids have never bothered me except one time. One plucked my one daffodil that was in bloom. I didn't actually see who took it and I even doubt Judge Judy would rule in my favor, but I suspect one of those adolescents helped themselves to it.  It's okay as long as they don't mess with my money tree. 
Most  people look forward to weekends, but I look forward to Mondays. There is not as much traffic and stores are not as busy either.
A cat adopted me and we don't always see eye to eye. For some reason, she seems to think she is the boss.