Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gripes and Groans

I was born to ramble so ramble I will. I fell on my butt and broke my ankle. I moan and groan and it doesn't help at all. I can't take pain pills because they just add itch to the pain.
Aspirin does about as much good as anything. The boot makes it hurt even more.
It is so painful to find something to eat so I am not eating much at all. I'm sure not cooking anything. It's mostly TV dinners.

I was so sure I had lost a few pounds so I looked in the mirror at my butt, and it's still there, fat as ever. I sit on it all the time and I get no exercise except moving my lips, but with no one here I don't even move my lips. Trips to the bathroom is about all I do.
Kenny and Chris are my errand runners. I don't know what I would do without them. They sit and keep me company sometimes.

Jim, Cora and their girls came one day and brought me Tulips.

I have a TV with Spectrum channels. I like the TLC channel, but they  have lots of repeats. Or if you've seen one, you've seen them all, type of show.  How many 600 pound people do you care to see? Or Hoarders . My least favorite is 'Say Yes to the Dress'. Who cares about the stupid dress. Somehow I just can't get enthused about wedding dresses.
The ankle has been broken for 19 days so all I have to do it tolerate it for another three weeks or so.

Me and My Cat

Miss Sassy LeMassy