Friday, May 30, 2008

Potato Salad Scam

There must be a thousand different recipe’s for potato salad, so why is it that most Deli’s do not have a clue how to make a good one. Or is because it just won’t be cost effective if they make it edible. People would buy a lot more if it were delicious. I think a good potato salad should have some hard-boiled eggs, green onions, dill pickle, celery, radishes, and maybe even some black olives?
I bought a small container of mustard dressing potato salad. I’m glad I bought a small container. It looked delicious, but it was exactly what the sign said, Mustard dressing potato salad. It was chunks of potatoes coated with mustard salad dressing. Nothing more, nothing less. It was exactly what the sign said. So I can’t complain, I’ll just not buy anymore of their potato salad.
As my Mother would have said in her day, "this isn't fit to eat, go throw it in the weeds".

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cord Nonsense

Don’t tell me cords are inanimate objects. Maybe my cords are different than your cords. They have a life of their own. I can leave three extension cords lying side by side and come back in fifteen minutes, the cords will be wrapped around each other and in a tangled mess. I am sure my curling iron and the hair dryer are in love. The cords are always wrapped together and I am not the one that wraps them together.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Junk Mail

Junk mail should be abolished along with telemarketer’s. How many times does a bank think they need to offer you a credit card? If you haven’t responded after 15 years, wouldn’t you think they’d take a hint?
I get so much junk mail, I have thought about having a Dumpster set up by the mailbox. I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it so I’ll just bring it in the house and put it in the trash so the Trash business can stay in business. We do such strange things. We water our grass so it’ll grow like crazy then we can pay somebody to cut it down. Not only do we pay somebody to cut it down we pay them to haul it off. I won't mention Spam at this time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

This is May 21, 2008. It would have been our 62nd Wedding Anniversary. He moved on to his forever home June 14, 1990. I still miss him and always will.

One Day it's Hot and One Day it's Not

One day it's hot and one day it's not. You just never know. Yesterday the A/C was on and today the heat is on. Mother nature can't make up her mind. It's probably a good thing it's cool for a day or so and than hot because of the snow melt. It should slow down the flooding.

All is well.

I am still waiting for the prescription to be faxed to the supply place or am I waiting for the Supply place to give me a date as to when they will set the C-PAP up.

Shut up and wait, but don't be late. Because if you're a, no show, you very likely will be charged for it anyway.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Total Frustration

I am so frustrated with this blog site. Not that it's an earth shaking problem, but my picture used to show in the comments, and for whatever reason, it no longer does. It's just bugging me because I can’t fix it. I have taken my photo completely out and put it back in again. It did not help. There is a place in edit comments and I have the box checked that says to show image in comments. If I would have concentrated this hard when I was in school, I would be a genius by now.
I have gone to the Help category and done exactly every step it said to do. The photo's show up in this area just fine, but not in comments I leave for others.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Freak Spray Storm

Today I discovered the ants had invaded my back patio area. There must have been a million of the little varmits. Where do they come from? They seem to materialize out of thin air. I guess they all have their little duties they need to do because they are busy running to and fro. I took the bug spray to them. I feel sort of bad about it. It must be like people caught in an earthquake or hurricane. Maybe we are little pests to some higher being that we cannot see and the higher being gets disgusted with us every now and then and shake us up real good or hits us with a blast of wind. I can just see the Ant news. Thousands killed in freak unexpected spray storm.
All the survivors are so happy they were not involved in it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Wait Project

I forgot to mention one little thing on the previous post. I do not have the C-PAP yet. They will send the orders to a medical equipment and supply place and that place will get insurance approval and then notify me when they have the C-PAP ready for me. I forgot to ask if they will be bringing it out and setting it up or do I just go pick it up. This is supposed to take just a couple days, but we all know in, medical speak, that means about two weeks, or two months. I'll be and old woman for sure.

Sleep Apnea and Newspaper Miracle

I found the above picture to show you what the C-PAP looks like. The second sleep Apnea test is finished. I spent last night at the sleep clinic. I had a wonderful nurse that explained everything so well. She had me try three different types C_PAP. I like one that makes no noise at all. At least I couldn’t hear anything. It was comfortable, but I looked like a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a gas pump. I was restless all night, but that was from all the wires and the strange bed and room. Even at that I must have slept very well. I am still so relaxed I feel like a wet noodle. She said my test showed that I had been getting very little deep sleep and this gadget keeps you breathing properly so you can get into the deep sleep that is good for you.
I will be wearing it. Thank God for medical science.

Just want to let you know the paper problem has been solved. The paper has been coming early and I was afraid to brag about it too soon. It has been a couple weeks so I am thinking it might be here to stay.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gas Inflation

I rolled into a gas station the other day and put in 7 gallons of gas and parted with $26 plus dollars. I had to pump the gas myself and clean my own windows. If you paid that much back in 1952 you would have expected to have your car washed and waxed and the tires rotated.
Have you noticed you can carry $100 worth of groceries in one hand. Gas cost more so they need to raise their prices to compensate for it. If you’re on the top of the totem pole it works out fine for you, but those of us on the low end of that pole have nobody to pass it on to. We’re headed for a logjam. Oh well, life goes on here in the fast lane.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Stamp out Measles

It was reported in today’s paper that there have been 9 confirmed cases of Measles in Eastern Washington. When I was a child, everybody was expected to get the measles. A common question was "have you had the measles yet"? The measles were called German measles or hard measles. I had them when I was about 12 years old and I was one solid red bumpy itchy rash, including my eyes. I was flat on my back for about a week. The blinds were closed on the windows because light was very hard on your eyes while you had the measles. Measles even have an odor. Your eyes turn red, like pink eye. You are sick with fever and coughing. Siblings would soon be infected with them because they were highly contagious. Most families had 6 or 7 kids. Whooping cough and Mumps was another expected illness that most kids went through. Many children didn’t survive those illnesses. My 22-month-old sister is one that didn’t survive Whooping cough. The year was 1936.
Now it’s making a comeback. What happened to the vaccine? Are people not taking it anymore or is it ineffective?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Flowers in the Springtime

My african violet it blooming again. This plant is getting old, but it still blooms faithfully. I use African violet plant food in the water and water it once a week. I also have a lamp over it with one of those daylight bulbs. I am wanting to plant my outside pots with flowers, but only bought one plant so far. It's an 18 inch Ivy-trailing Geranium and is amethyst color. This is a picture that is what it is suppose to look like. I will post a picture of mine when it gets to this stage.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Fences and Neighbors

The fence people finally showed up today and finished the fence. It looks good.
My former fence was so dilapidated I held my breath when a puff of wind came up. It was a 6-foot solid wooden fence. This one is a 4-foot chain-link fence. I didn't realize how close my neighbors were. Now I am getting to know them better and I think I’m going to like it more than the privacy.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Minnie Pearl

Two Years Old (Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund)

Last Winter
The past few days have been a roller coaster of emotions. I have a dog, Minnie Pearl, who is getting old in dog years. She will be 15 next month. Now she is sick. She was diagnosed with Hepatitis a few months back. Bottom line is that her liver and kidneys are about to quit working. She can be so sick for a couple days and I feel this is the time. It is so agonizing. If she is suffering should I have her put to sleep? I make an appointment with the vet to get his opinion and that is an instant cure. She began to perk up and was her old self, but I took her anyway to see if she needed something. She is now on a special diet and taking medicine. There isn’t much that can be done.
Today she is doing good.