Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Same Old Drill

Yesterday was a holiday, same drill. Just a different day, and they didn’t deliver the junk mail.  I made a Nurse visit today. I get a shot every two weeks and they call it a Nurse visit. I call it the weighing station. I feel like a truck pulling off the highway to be weighed. Maybe the sky would fall if they don’t know how much I weigh. It’s okay because I have been losing, but they never seem to notice. I guess it’s just a number and a rule they have to follow. I lost 4 pounds this time and the last time I had lost 5. You would think they could have some colorful balloons drop from the ceiling and some chimes or something. They could at least look astonished, alarmed, dumbfounded, overwhelmed, shocked or anything. Even Weight-Watchers used to clap their hands if you lost. 

My cell phone rang two times within the hour. I’ve had it for a month and this is the first time anyone has called. I’m so popular. The first caller wanted to know if Paul was hanging around. Sadly, that was a wrong number. This time when I said ‘hello’ they said nothing. I thought they might at least mention my weight loss.  

Monday, May 28, 2012

It is the VETERAN

The following was sent to me in and email. I wanted to  share it with you. 

It is the 
not the preacher, 
who has given us freedom of religion. 

It is 
not the reporter, 
 who has given us freedom of the press.

It is 
not the poet, 
who has given us freedom of speech.
It is 
not the campus organizer, 
who has given us freedom to assemble. 

It is 
not the lawyer, 
who has given us the right to a fair trial. 

It is
the VETERAN who
salutes the flag.

It is 
the VETERAN who
serves under
the flag

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Rescue

This is one of my favorite pictures. My brother, Gene and his dog.

They had to rescue the abandoned calf. He couldn't have done it without his faithful assistant.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Park

This is Randall park. A perfect  place to go walking.

Part of the scenery at Randall park.

Old age is always fifteen years older than I am.
I’ve seen a lot of change in my lifetime, and a lot 
that has not changed, it is just described differently.
I read the following in a book, and how true it is. 

 Lounge lizards have become couch potatoes.
Rumble seats have become hatchbacks.
Woodies have become vans.
Trailers have become mobile homes.
Iceboxes have become refrigerators.
Stoves have become ranges.
Lanterns have become flashlights.
Four-posters have become king-sized beds.
Roads have become freeways.
Hopscotch has become break dancing.
Work-at-home males have become house husbands.
Garbage men have become sanitary engineers.
Janitors have become environmental serenity specialists. 
Saps have become jerks.
Secretaries have become administrative assistants. 
 Or this is a more common term (Girl at the desk)
Plumbers have become rich.

Just a couple of my own observations. 
One four-letter word has replaced all bad words.
Prying means Google it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Exciting Life

My Great Grand, Chloe. Things happen, she doesn't know how it happened. 

I owe my longevity to prayer. Every day I tell God that I can’t afford to die yet, I don’t have enough money saved for a funeral service. Even if I sold my kids. Mortuaries charge so much I may as well buy a new Cadillac to be buried in. I know the prayer is working because I was still here this morning when I woke up. This is a morbid subject so I will talk about something more cheerful. Don’t rush me, I’m thinking……..I’m still thinking.  It’s a half-hour later, I’m still thinking.  How does this sound for cheerful, the elections will be over in November.
The ducks stopped visiting since I had the yard sprayed. I miss them. 
Chloe, one of my Great Grands came to visit, Saturday. Her parents came with her. She is so cute, I would show you a picture of her, but it has me in it, and that sort of ruined it. I will see if I can find another one of her. 
While I am sitting here, I went kindle book shopping, and downloaded a book, and then I received an email from my Granddaughter, Cora. She had a book she had told me about and said she would send it to my Kindle. So now I have two new books to read, so my nose will be buried in those for awhile. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Crazy World

Now when we shop for groceries, everything has a label about how many calories, carbs, four different types of fat, protein, fiber, sugars, and sodium. It also tells how many servings in a container. A serving is one half cup.  PALEEEEES !  How many people eat just one half cup of anything?  Now, you need to multiply and divide and calculate.  My Parakeet, if I had one, eats more than that at a sitting.  It’s not enough to dirty up your mouth over.  How about buying one of those packaged up foods. The picture looks delicious and it has servings for four. I open it up and since I’m on this strict diet, I will get to eat the whole box. Honestly!
If that isn’t enough to raise your blood levels, watch an hour of Dr Phil.  He had a lady on his program that sadly, truly needs to be reprogrammed. She doesn’t believe there is a problem. She has had so many bust transplants, implants or stretches, she now wears a size K bra. She wants to be an L. A doctor on the program said they go all the way to a Z.  Can you imagine how it would feel to have two mammoth round watermelons stuck to the front of your bosom? How does she sleep? If she accidentally rolled over on her stomach, she would probably bounce out of bed.  She could use them as a shelf to set her coffee on. Men, with small brains and too much money, pay her, just because. So she is being paid. Somebody has to pay for all that surgery and her custom made clothes.  Oh well, whatever turns your burner on. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Day the Phone Took Over

Last night I accidentally called my brother, Ray. We only talk to each other about once in every 5 years or so. He lives in another state. For some strange reason I had put his phone number in my new cell, and fumbling around with the phone, it accidentally dialed his number. 
I thought I heard a phone ringing and put the phone to my ear, and a lady said, “hello”. I said, “well, uh hmm er I wonder who I called?” 
The voice said, “ This is Jo Lockwood.”  Then I said, “ Oh, I remember you, you’re married to my brother, Ray.” 
We were both laughing by now. I told her I had accidentally called their number, and she thought it was hilarious, since I never call it on purpose. 
We had a great time hashing everything over, and then Ray got on the phone and we gabbed about everything from our days at Rosehill School when we were kids.  How we read all the books in the two little bookcases they had. How we both still love to read. He borrows books from their library in the large print because he is almost blind, but he can still read those.  
He brought me up to date on the house we lived in on McGeorge when we moved to Stillwater. All the huge college buildings they have built there. I asked if they had built anything across the street where they used to practice football. He said it was still the same. They still practice there.  
They don’t have a computer so we can’t do email and facebook. I didn’t even tell him about the Kindle reader. It would be perfect for him because you can set the print as large as you need. 
We have been separated all these years by the many miles and in the past long distant phone calls were very expensive so we just drifted apart.  I think it’s kind of strange that I accidentally called his number. My subconscious must have been doing something behind my back. I know this is a boring post, but oh well, aren’t they all.  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Even a Fifth Grader

It's just my opinion, but I think a fifth grader could have painted 'The Scream'. I probably could use some art critic lessons, but I think my 2 year old granddaughter painted one more beautiful. It's called 'Believe'. 

My Grandma  has delusions from time to time.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The old days

This is Glencoe, Okla. January1914.  I now have a few relatives living around there, because of my parents, I might add. Have you  heard of this fire?  I remember Glencoe having a store called Jake Bunn's. I believe that is the correct spelling. That store became famous in the state of Oklahoma because it had shelves that went to the ceiling and all shelves were filled. I doubt if any inventories were taken. It was famous because if anyone was looking for an item and couldn't find it they would be advised to go to Jake Bunn's. He had everything, and knew where everything was. 
My Dad was 14 years old when this fire happened. He could have been in this photo for all I know. It has been rebuilt and may even have a fire dept by now. I'll bet they didn't have one then.  I am enclosing the link that the picture came from. It has a very good story taken from a letter a woman wrote about when her family moved from Kansas to Oklahoma. Also has a few more pictures. 

  The link is: Aunt Beulah's Story

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time is something to wait on.

Time for another hair cut. I went to a shop that is open on Sunday’s. I am cheap so I go to the one that doesn’t allow appointments. The in and out type. I know that my favorite stylist works on Sunday. I went at 9 because that is their usual opening time. They don’t open until 10 on Sunday’s.  I didn’t want to go back home so I decided to sit in the car and chew gum for an hour. With dentures, that will take your mind off the time. 
I waited and waited and about 9:30 or so one of the other employee’s shows up so I ask her if Debbie would be working today. Debbie works today, but she doesn’t come in until 11 AM. I had forgotten to take my Kindle. I had reminded myself several times to take the Kindle. I think my brain could use a couple new spark plugs, because I still forgot it. I came home and waited and waited. I now have shorter hair. 
That is how my day is going so far, how is your day?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Grass is Greener

The Duck family taken about 3 years ago. This is a different couple than I have this year.  I was guessing it was the same ducks.  This must be Daffy and Dewy. I think they gave my address to Donald and Daisy. I know this one was taken a few years ago because I had that spider collecting shrub taken out about that long ago. Look how much better the neighbors yard looks than mine. Their grass is greener too, but they don't have any ducks decorating their yard.