Monday, August 29, 2011

One Tin Can at a Time

Why can’t something be done about the deceitful marketing that is going on? It’s a form of fraud, one tin can at a time. Soup cans and ice cream containers must have anorexia. They keep getting smaller, but the cost is the same. This also applies to cereal boxes, and almost everything you can think of. Cereal makers just put less cereal in the box. The ounces in a container of Orange Juice will vary per brand. Toilet paper is more narrow and less paper on a roll and also a larger cardboard roller.
Exactly how does this fraud differ from the early days when the grocer put his thumb on the scale while measuring your crackers or whatever you were buying. They called them charlatan’s back then. At least they would do their fraud right in front of you. Today they sit behind their big desks and cook up new ways to defraud us out of our money.  They probably have big board meetings and discuss it and come up with new deceitful ways to take our money.
 Do they think the general public is just too stupid to notice and if we do notice, what can we do about it. Their defense is, if they put the correct amount or measurement on the container then it is not their problem. If they are not trying to cheat us, why change the size of the product? I suppose they think we won’t buy it if they raise the price. Let that be our choice. The gas companies charges more and we still buy it. It would be the same with food.  Eggs and meat are about the only thing they haven’t figured out a way to deceive us with. I suppose they could make an egg container that would only hold 10 eggs. Charge the same price for it of course. It’s the same as cutting off the top of the blanket and sewing it on the bottom to make it longer.
Marketers wake up and smell the roses and may you get a thorn stuck in your nose.

Lets put the ice cream in the soup can.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Year Older

Another birthday came and went. This was number 83, so you see I am far over the hill.  In fact I’m almost to the bottom, and I haven’t picked up speed yet.
It was a great birthday with many cards and best wishes. My sister and hubby sent these beautiful flowers.
I was born in a farm house in Oklahoma on the 24th of August. Can you imagine how hot it must have been with no air conditioning. Many women had their babies at home in those days. If something happened to go wrong somebody would lose their life. The baby or the mother and sometimes both. We've come along way in 83 years. 
It's been a long road with many forks, turns and bumps and I'm still hanging on.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Gift

I just had a great pre birthday get together. Karen and Dennis (daughter and Turkey-in-law) and Katie came over from Tacoma to honor my birthday. I received some very nice gifts of which I am very grateful for, but Turkey-in-law always gets me something to show his true feelings for me. Usually it’s some version of a Witch or something just as insulting. This year he gave me a toilet seat !!!. He told Laura on the phone that he gave me a toilet seat for my birthday and she said, “Dad, that was a crappy thing to give Grandma for her birthday”. Happy Birthday to me……….
Anyway it was a great day and he also took us all out to dinner at the Black Angus. We ate heartily.
I thank my son-in-law very much for his thoughtfulness and the toilet seat and all the other things he bought for me.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011


This is Gabby

Kenny (My son) was over here the other day with his dog. The dog can talk and speaks English. She had been outside and when she came back in she sat in front of Kenny and said “Waawaa”.
Kenny says, “Oh she wants some water”. As though she was being a pain in the behind. I sat there with my jaw on the floor. Who has a dog that can say water when they want a drink?
However she doesn’t speak very clearly in most cases.  She can’t even pronounce water very well. I think she needs speech therapy.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cows and Guns

For inexpensive shock treatments just read the daily newspaper. A man was herding cows with his van. Three cows were injured and had to be euthanized. The van became high-centered on top of a cow. He pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty.

In an unrelated case teens were arrested after a shooting. One teen was 13 and I think he fled on his tricycle. They were shooting at a man and missed. In another earlier shooting suspected gang members shot out the window in a car. Flying glass injured somebody. Everyone should wear a bulletproof vest and cows need to carry guns.

On that gloomy note I will sign off and wish you a bullet safe day. Just be thankful you’re not a cow.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nothing Ever Changes

We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress.
Will Rogers

Times haven't changed much since Will Rogers made that statement.
Nothing new around here. Another Gang member got shot. Another set of parents battered their 5 month old son and may have caused permanent injuries. That makes me sick. It's hard to believe that both parents could be that stupid. When those parents get hungry they can go find something to eat or if they wet their pants they can clean themselves up, but the poor helpless baby has to cry and sometimes scream to get somebody to take care of him. Stupid parents should not have babies, but it doesn't work that way. At least he has been rescued and hopefully a nice family will get to adopt him. 

Everybody has an opinion, but nobody has a solution.