Saturday, July 31, 2021

What's Next

Why is it such a big deal to live to such a ripe old age? Another year, another pain, nothing to gain, that I have found yet.
No, I don't really want to die because I would miss everyone. But think of all those we loved that have moved on that might make up for it. If you don't mind I would like to wait a few more years to find out. Let them wait! We don't want to wait too long because it looks like everything is going to burn up someday.
Are we going to get vaccinated? Are we going to wear a mask? 
I think everyone has a right to their views except in this case. Get vaccinated and wear a mask!
It is still 97 degrees here and it's 5:30 PM.
When there is nothing on TV except Basketball and no place to go or any wheels to take me there I may as well hibernate like the bear does.

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