Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Black Machine

I'm so old I remember when we got our first phone. I was in my teens. We had a two digit phone number. It was a black thing with a dial and was attached to a wall in the dining room. The city had phone booths on the sidewalks with a phone that had a slot for a dime. When you made a call you dialed 0 and a woman's voice would answer and say "number please". They were so polite they never forgot to say 'please'. It wasn't a robot, it was a real live human being and always women. 
The home phone was paid monthly and didn't  have a slot. 
When the home phone rang the family would get so excited and knock each other out of the way so they could answer the black machine.
 How we hate the sound of a ringing phone so we have it set up to take messages so you don't have to touch the phone.
Now we seem to be returning to the early days everyone has a small phone they can carry in their pocket and some never put it in their pocket, they stare at it constantly. This is because it now has the internet and games. I'm not sure why they still refer to it as a phone. Some even stare at it while walking down the sidewalk. They made it illegal to use one while driving because some folks try to talk and drive at the same time and many people just can't master that skill.
Please leave a message.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Calendar Stands Still

In a couple months I will be 90. Am I looking forward to it? No, I am not looking forward to getting any older.
Almost everything got up and left. I now have fake teeth, hearing aids, glasses, that no longer help much, thin hair, memory loss, worn out joints, I wear a contraption over my face called a C pap to keep me breathing while asleep.
Everything either aches or won't do anything. I once had many friends and now they have already departed. Why them and not me? I've been told it's because God still has something for me to do. I wish I knew what it is so I could help make it happen.

When I first started blogging I had no problem thinking of something to write. Now I live such a dull life getting the weeds sprayed is a thrill.

The news stated that George W Bush was treated for fatigue and sent home from the hospital. I'm tired too, but I don't want to be hospitalized so I will suffer in silence.

Its just another day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Life in the Country

When I was a kid we walked one and a half mile to school each day. It wasn't so bad. When you're a kid you fall into a deep sleep and stay that way all night so when you got up you were  rested and full of energy. My family lived on a 365 acre farm. The adults got up at dawn and Dad went to the barn to milk the cows and Mom started a fire in the wood burning cooking range. Mom made biscuits every morning and I don't even know how to make a biscuit. We always had biscuits and gravy and ham or bacon and there was always plenty of homemade jam to eat on those biscuits. 
We didn't have electricity in the country area at that time. You can survive without it. Personal hygiene left a little something to be desired. I'll leave that to your imagination. Summer days kept my Mom busy at all times tending to a garden and canning everything that grew out of the earth. Her and a neighbor would take knives and a bucket and go to the creek banks and look for spinach that grew wild. It had a name but I can't remember what it was called.
Things begin to evolve, electricity came to the country. Tractors replaced horse teams. Ice was delivered for the Ice box. You could buy loaves of sliced bread at the grocery store so no more baking bread at home. When everything got easy they sold everything and moved to the city life.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Zero Zilch

Now there is an egg recall. You take a chance with your life every time you eat something. Now they need to invent something to scan your food before you eat to find if it's safe. When there is a need someone will find a solution. People needed to know what kind of weather was coming so they found a way to do it. They had find a way to preserve food. I guess that's why we were born with brains. We sure wouldn't last long without them. 
Since I started this we moved over into Tuesday in the Pacific Northwest.
I don't have any funny or any interesting things for this entry. My neighbors never venture outside.
I shall return!
My family early to mid 40's
One brother was not home. He was in Japan
fighting in the big war. My brother on the right had just returned from Hawaii. He was in the Air Force serving in Pearl Harbor   when it was bombed.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bowl of Cherries

Life is like a bowl of cherries, full of pits. The highlight of my life this month is a haircut. I have nothing scheduled showing on my calendar until June 13th and it's another haircut. If it wasn't for haircuts I would have no life at all. 
Yesterday my DIL and I went to lunch after the haircut we went to the Warehouse Bar and Grill. I had an order of fries. They were served a foot high on a platter. I wish I would have taken a picture because I know there may be doubters out there. I tried to eat all of them, but even I couldn't do that. The last time we went  there I won $200.00 on a scratch ticket. Well, luck wasn't with me this time. I only won one dollar. 
I also went to the eye doctor this week. I'm becoming a regular socialite. Getting a haircut and hanging out at a bar may not be the way to achieve that.

That's all I have to say about that.

Friday, May 4, 2018

No News is Not News

George W. Bush has just been discharged from the hospital. He has been through a lot recently. I'm glad he is doing well. It must be hard to lose a mate after all those years. 
I love that I live where we have the different seasons. I love Spring and Fall the most. It cost more to keep the grass green around here. We can't depend on rain in this area. 
My broken ankle is much better, but still hurts at times especially when I go to bed. That's when everything hurts the most. Maybe because being tired make it hurt more. I still have pain in my left side from the Shingles I had two years ago and it keeps me awake at times. I think most people have pain they learn to live with. 
I seldom add anything to this blog because nothing ever happens that is worth repeating. 

Our first two grandkids and a poodle. We had two
and I don't know if this was Buffy or Sissy.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Another Day

It's another day in my world. They all run together since I'm in my wonderful golden years. I don't know if it's Tuesday or Sunday. What difference does it make? should I care? I look at the newspaper to find out what day it is.
Last night I was as wide awake as a hoot owl all night. I don't have a job and if I had one I'm sure I'd be fired before noon.
In my very early days we lived in a house without electric lights. Our only light  was a Kerosene lamp in each room. Well, not in every room. If you wanted a light in the bedroom you took the lamp with you. The adults were the only ones responsible enough to carry a lamp anywhere. Now we zoom forward to the 21st century and we have a light in our phone and keychain. The only phone in the earlier days hung on the wall.
Such is life !
The End

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Olden Days

You reach a certain point in your life when whatever happens has already happened at least once.  You have a passport for the Go-to-Heaven train and nobody at the station seems to know when it's leaving. I really don't want to know anyway, so there.
I'm waiting for another great-grandchild and that is exciting. It's a girl and she will be born April 12th. When we had our kids about all we knew was that a baby was coming and we had the fun of guessing what sex it was. We had to pick out a boy name and a girl name. Some people even ended up with twins and didn't have a clue. 
We got through a Winter without a ton of snow. 
I hate cooking and with a sore leg and foot, it's rather difficult to hobble around and cook anything. TV dinners will be the dinner. Some of them are not bad. I like Mexican food so I bought what was called a Burrito Bowl.  It was so spicy hot it was terrible. The next time I bought a chicken fried steak. How can they ruin that? I will find out because it will be my dinner tonight.
The picture is my sister-in-law, Florence, cooking a dinner for us visitors.  Her little girl is Alice Marie and I am holding my first born, Kenny.
No new news so this is it.