Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Such is Life

2018 is in our past, I knew it wouldn't last. Resolutions are also in my past.
 Whatever will be will be.  
 I have TLC on and tonight is Fat night. If you ever think you're fat, turn that program on. You would have to take your bath in the Hot tub. No, thank you.
You never see an elderly person that is morbidly overweight. They just don't live that long.
I'm fat and need to lose weight. I keep hearing that the Cola drinks with the artificial sweetener is not a good thing. Maybe if I read the details on those reports I would understand the reason and that might convince me to give up the diet Pepsi.
Is this the year you are going to get more exercise?
If you're on the elderly side you probably have too many aches and pains to exercise. So that is out. Would it help if I rocked faster? 
Why do kids get all the energy? I remember those days when I rode the bicycle a mile to the roller rink and spent two hours roller skating and rode the bicycle back home and five minutes later was complaining because there was nothing to do.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Happy Hump Day

It doesn't matter much to me which day of the week it is. They are all about the same. We seem to do everything the same way each day. People that have jobs have a routine they follow, but it's the same for us retired ones. At least for me. I get up about the same time each day and start it all over again.
It's winter time so we anticipate snow any day. I guess that depends on where you live. We keep getting a lot of rain around here.
I think I'm getting a sore throat, but maybe not. I may have burned it when I ate the hot soup at lunch time. Anyway I hope that is what happened. This sure is an interesting post. Can't think of a darn thing to say. 
Have a great day and a great Christmas.  
I happened to run across this picture in my picture folder. I worked at the Credit Bureau at that time. Each city had it's own Credit Bureau. That is me peeking over the shoulder of my supervisor as the fantastic machine was being demonstrated. We had each credit report stored in a envelope filed in a huge filing machine.
My how times have changed.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Merry Christmas

It would be a beautiful day if the sun would show up. It's working on it. Not as black as it has been here lately. when you get retired and over the hill you think about weather and such trivial things a lot. When I had a job I sat at a desk and didn't think about looking outside until it was time to go home. Ah well, such is life for the was-there. Everyone will be a was-there some day.

Christmas is coming around the bend, but unless you're surrounded with kids or at least one kid Christmas is another day on the calendar. I know I should speak for myself. Many people love it. Getting out the boxes of decorations and hanging it all over the house. It'll give you something to do in January. You can take it all down and pack it away again. Now we can shop from home if we choose to. I remember how crowded the stores were at Christmas time. Maybe they still are, I haven't been shopping anywhere but a grocery store for so long I have no idea what it's like.

I miss her

Anthony, my oldest Great Grandson
and Issy.

Tylor and Dylan bro's of Anthony
They are grown now

Great granddaughter

Great grand daughter
I was going to add more pictures but this stupid thing is giving me so much trouble I give up. I have other things to do. Bah humbug!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Drearyville USA

The sun, she no shine no mo.
Pepsi for breakfast
and one for the show

Nothing to do and all the time in the world to get it done in. Old age is something I wanted to avoid but here it is staring me in the face. Aches and pains you can't explain. 
Science has worked relentlessly to find ways to make us live longer so we can enjoy those aches and pains.
When you get here you ask , why can't I just bow out. Now, before ya all start pitching a fit about that statement, let me tell you a thing or two. My Dr. told me that a lot of his elderly patients have the same question. 
All of our working parts no longer want to work, but we take medicine that'll make them work so we can enjoy this old age of sitting in a rocker. You sit because it hurts too much to move. 
You can't hear anything and can barely see. But keep me alive so I won't miss anything.
Most of my friends have already moved on and half of my kin folk. When is it going to be my turn?
 Sorry this is such a downer !

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Killing Time

I know some people live in messy houses and at times I am one of them, but when you see the inside of someone's house on TV, it's usually neat as a pin with shiny clean floor's unless you're watching Hoarders or such. Reality shows are not true reality. If you have a camera crew coming you most likely will clean up the mess.
When they show a scene of someone in a kitchen cooking something and there is nothing on the counter except what they are working on it's probably not reality. It's nice if you can be that organized. I guess we all have a toleration point. Some have a low toleration point. Slobs may not have a toleration point. Slobs that marry slobs will have a messy house. If a slob should marry a neat freak a divorce will probably follow. If a slob stays single they will be much happier. 
The older you get the less you care what others think. 
I'm not Dear Abby so do what you please.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Old Age Issues

Life slows down so you can get off at your exit.  For whatever reason I'm still here, but I've slowed down and I am not looking for my exit as I'm in no hurry to leave. Maybe if I knew what the next phase is like I could get a little more eager about leaving.
  The only thing I have to get excited about is not having anything on my calendar to go to. 
Chris takes me to appointments and we eat out now and then. I look forward to that part of it. She has a car that is quite a challenge. In the Summer weather it has no A/C and in the Winter it has no heat. It is so high off the ground I need an elevator to get into it.  I can bail out of it without a parachute. It never has a reverse gear. Be careful where you park. I can't help her push because the one time I helped I ended up with a bad shoulder. It took awhile to get over it. 
I'm a slow learner, but I am learning. I'm learning what the word 'depression' means. 😢
Memory is another problem. I once read about a Minister that asked an old lady of she ever thinks about the hereafter. She said, "Oh yes, every time I go into another room I ask, what am I here after?
This is where I lived when I was in the happiest period of my life.
The residue on the ground is ash from when Mt Saint Helen's erupted. For 
some reason it ended up in Yakima. What a mess it was. It smelled like sulfur.
Everyone wore mask's. A bank had a sign on door to remove mask when entering.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Wrinkles are a NO-NO

We are born wrinkle free and smooth as a baby's butt. But it begins to change as time moves along. 
They sneak upon us with each little event. The sun comes up and the sun goes down, but the wrinkles seem to hang around. I think we get one for each little mistake we make or are they rewards for doing well? I seem to have a fine sprinkling of them or I should say it's more like a down pour. 
The more you get the more you fret and they won't go away so just relax and forget it.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Wait is the Name of the Game

If you wait long enough almost anything will go away on it's own. I had developed an itching on my shins and waist that was driving me nuts so I let the doctor know and he sent a script to my pharmacy. Since it was Friday it wouldn't be ready for pickup until Monday or Tuesday. So I itched my way through the weekend and now it's Monday and I have no itch at all and I'm sure they will be calling to let me know it's ready for pick up. The Doctor had told me he thought it was the side effects of a pain pill I had taken. I know I have had that problem with pain pills before but I took a chance that it wouldn't bother me this time. I had also ordered an OTC salve for itching and it arrived today. I have no itch to try it out on and I am overjoyed about that. 
So evidently the doctor was right, I was allergic to it. Live and learn, I'm ninety and still learning something. Listen to the doctor the next time. An old joke in case you haven't heard it.