Sunday, October 21, 2018

Forty Winks Minus Thirtynine

I didn't sleep a wink last night and this feline will not let it happen today either. I am ready to send her to the moon as Ralph Kramden always said to Alice.
You are an old timer if you remember that couple. 
I tried the sheep counting, the bed, the chair, the midnight snack, the boring TV show, texting someone in Tennessee, crocheting a few double crochets.
Reading, working a crossword puzzle, and watching some YouTube music. 
I positively dread tonight.  

And to all a Goodnight !

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


If you look at early day pictures everyone is slim and trim. Is it just bad habits that is causing the fat epidemic today or is it caused from all the chemicals that are added to everything? Probably a little of both. When I was a kid we didn't eat between meals except an occasional watermelon or cantaloupe when they were in season.

 Everyone sat at the table and we had three meals per day. We ate vegetables and they were good. We lived on a farm and grew our own food. It's always better fresh from the garden. 
Any between meal snacks was a pan of freshly popped corn. We popped the corn in a cast iron frying pan. Someone stood at the wood burning cooking range and scooted the pan back and forth until it was popped. 
We didn't have desserts often. Sometimes during the Summer we froze a freezer of ice cream. It didn't happen every week, just a few times during the Summer months. Ice doesn't grow on trees so when we shopped for groceries on Saturdays we would sometimes buy a block of ice. They didn't crush it for you. It would be put in a burlap bag and pounded until it was crushed. Those were not "the good old days". Everything was work and that is the secret to the slim bodies. 
We had dessert on Sundays. Mom always made pie or cake for Sunday. If it was berry season we probably had it more often.
I'm out of ice cream or I would probably be having some about now.
Good night to all.
My Granddaughters

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Such is Life

How could a kid living in the country get in trouble, you ask. Oh, I guess you didn't ask. Well, I'll tell you anyway. 
When I was a "mature" 13 year old I stayed over night with a friend. She lived a half mile away with her Grandmother. We slept (pretended to sleep)in her upstairs bedroom. We had a plan, but Grandma had to go to bed first. Grandma finally went to bed and we assumed to sleep in about ten minutes so we sneaked as quietly as we could down the squeaky stairway, and around the house and to the small barn in the back. We perched ourselves upon her pony and clop, clop, clop by the side of the house and down the long driveway. We had a plan to meet my brother and his friends at a certain place so away we went on a moonlit Summer night. We met the friends and was having a fun time yelling and singing and just being kids, we didn't have booze or anything similar to that. We were just having a great time being kids while back at the house a light sleeping Grandma roused from her sleep from
 the horse clomping down the driveway. 
She suspected there was an empty bed upstairs and went up to check it out. She had no car and my family had no phone so it took her awhile to walk the half mile to our house to let the DA know what happened. My Dad's name was Dennis Arthur so she always called him the DA (District Atty).  She thought it was a job for the DA. The DA thought so too and it didn't take long to hear the noise kids.  He broke that party up in nothing flat. I received a tongue lashing, but no time-outs or anything being taken away from me as they do today. I had nothing to be taken away. I wasn't allowed to visit the friend again for some time. That was the punishment. 
When you get this age you tend to remember those old things you hadn't thought of in years. 
Such is life.
Such is life

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Today I made a visit to the T-Mobile store to see if they could restore my space on my phone. I had just bought a 12GB SIM card to take care of that problem, but it only worked until I got home from the place. There wasn't enough storage to even allow me to look at my photo's. So we went back to see Jose again. He said something about the phone being old and he did a factory reset. I thought I had to reenter all my contacts and I didn't care about the pictures, but I sent a couple hours trying to get my contacts reentered, when I finally decided to take a break I did something, don't ask what, but all at once all that stuff returned to my phone. Sometimes I accidently do the right thing. Chris said it is a God thing. Well, whatever.
Jose is Mexican and there was another Mexican man working there and we were just sure they were brothers The same size and looked alike and both had tattoo's on both arms and even dressed alike. They assured us they were not brothers. Not that they knew of they said. We didn't insist on a DNA. 
Chris doesn't have a reverse gear in her vehicle so we have to be careful where we park. She got in an area today and needed that reverse gear. A young Mexican man was near by and since Chris is not shy she asked if he could help push us back a little. He jumped right to the challenge and when he was through pushing and straining and had us out of the problem, he said he just had hernia surgery and maybe he should not have pushed us. I hope the poor guy will be alright. He said he thinks it was long enough ago. 
I need a step ladder to get into that rig. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Life in a Chair

When I was a kid I don't think I ever thought of what the future might be like. Now that there can't be much future left I think about it a lot. I guess it's a wait and see project. 
Life is lifeless, I can't stand up very long at a time so I am an experienced chair sitter. That kind of career doesn't seem to have much of a calling. At least I can still walk from one room to another one. I'm not wheel-chair bound. I am healthy or at least nothing showed up in my lab work that indicated otherwise. My memory leaves a little something to be desired. Even young people say they have the same problem. I read an item the other day that said if you have Alzheimer's you won't be able to smell Peanut Butter. I can still smell Peanut Butter. Who needs a doctor when you have Peanut Butter. I have Asthma but when it was diagnosed years ago it was very mild. All the smoke this year has taken it's toll on a lot of folks. 
Well, that's my health report. Tune in again for the next exciting episode. 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sometimes It Works

I have been fooling around with this thing since 2009. Nothing ever happens anymore. I seldom go anywhere. I'm a stay at home hermit. A couple days ago I didn't turn on my TV all day or evening. I don't think I missed anything. My cat is more bored than I am. I heard a thud in the kitchen that scared me and Sassy heard it too and went running out there. That scared me even more because I knew it wasn't my imagination. I think it's my refrigerator. I've heard that noise before when I'm in the kitchen. I hope it isn't going to die. I can think of other things I would rather have than a new refrigerator.
I would like a new cell phone. This one has no more storage and it's pretty much worthless. I took it down to T-Mobile and she moved stuff on to the storage card, but it was only a couple days and it no longer has any storage again. 

Chris takes me shopping and to appointments. I appreciate that so much. The other day it was Taco Tuesday at the Warehouse Bar and Grill so we went there and joined a couple friends. It was fun. We don't drink but we eat Taco's. And bought a few pull tabs. It wasn't my lucky day. 

I crochet a lot just to be doing something. My vision is terrible so I asked the eye doctor if it was bad for my eyes to use them that way, he said it was fine and it wouldn't make the vision worse.
I love YouTube. If I need a pattern or instructions it is right there. I also enjoy the music I can find.

This is like writing a letter to nobody. I did that for years. I married at a very dumb age, 17. Seventy some years ago and left my large family and moved from Okla. to Washington state. I was so homesick I would write a letter home about once a week. Mom was the only one that ever wrote to me and that was only once a month if I was lucky. I would give anything if Mom would have saved all those letters for me. What could there have been to write about? Hollis wrote me a letter one time and I still have it. He is ten years younger than me. Hollis ended up moving out here. He chose to live in Snoqualmie, but we see each other now and then. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

A Family Day

I had a fun day today. My brother and part of his family came over the mountain to see me.
We went to a great place for lunch called Cowiche Creek Kitchen, then we crashed Chloe's 9th birthday party. When we all get together there is a house full of us. We talked about everything under the sun and caught up on each other's lives. 
I didn't take pictures, but I know others were snapping them left and right. Maybe they will post some on Facebook. We discussed the hop fields and marijuana fields. We could call them Pot fields or weed fields would also be correct. We drove by a few on our way out to Moxee where my son lives. Jim and Cora live out there too. 
I should sleep like a log tonight since I hardly slept a wink last night. So I think I'll bring this thing to an end and call it a day.
Mel {Gramps} Kylie and Hailey

Me and Dar 
Ron, Kathy and Lenka.
Hollis, my little brother.

Dale was taking the pictures so he didn't take a selfie. This is a 
different day and I did sleep like a log.

Monday, September 24, 2018

A Short Tale

I don't get much of anything in my Snail Box except Ads and other junk, but for some reason people have been parking too close to it. The Post office said it needs to be ten feet from the box. Now I have one parked within 4 feet of it and the carrier didn't leave anything. Maybe there wasn't any junk for me today or is it because the car was in the way? I guess they don't want to park too close to the fire plug . People are going in and out of that house all the time. No, it's not a drug dealer or a Brothel because they stay for a few days or weeks unless they have a special going on. Do Brothels have specials?