Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hospital Surprise

I recently had a medical problem, and spent one night in the hospital. Hospital care is expensive. I received a notice from my insurance company today, and the total cost with all the test that were taken it came to a little over $8000.00. Everything was itemized, and at the bottom it had a line that said, Amount you are responsible for is $.01
I thought it was kind of interesting. I can probably afford it, but I can't afford the stamp it will take to mail it in. 
The hospital has improved their care beyond belief. I can't complain about anything. I won't even complain about the one cent charge.

Friday, September 19, 2014

It's A Cat World

Living with a cat is a new experience for me. To start out with, she was a foster cat until her owner got well, but her owner passed away, and by then I had fallen in love with her. She is so much company, and I truly enjoy her, however she has a couple flaws, 0ne is that she has an extremely willful personality. Meaning it will be her way or no way at all. For one thing she insists on sleeping on my bed, which is fine with me, if she would find her own spot and stay in it. I don’t think it is ever going to happen. She has learned that if she gets next to the touch-tone bedside lamp it will automatically come on. Not a good thing at two in the morning. If I turn off the lamp she will wait about ten minutes and then start nibbling on my toes.
It works like a charm; I jump sky high and land on my feet. She takes off for dear life, and I slam the door shut and go back to bed. She waits until I am back to sleep and begins her night time serenade. Meow, meow, meow, meow. meow.  I ignore it and then she starts jumping against the door. I also ignore that until she gives up and goes to sleep. This morning the same routine started and I heard her jumping against the door, but fell asleep anyway until I felt her jump on the bed. I’m sure I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I was instantly wide awake asking myself how she could possibly get through that closed door.  I got up and looked, she had managed to turn the knob and it came open. By now it’s 3:15 AM so I stayed up and she won again. Cat for sale!!! Oh not really. I still like her. Maybe ‘love’ is a little too strong

Sassy LeMassey

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Monday

Today I’m driving the Van on Tieton Drive on my way to buy toilet tissue, on sale at Shopko. I never  pass up a good bargain. Wouldn’t you know I’d get behind one of those stupid buses that make a stop at every corner to load/unload passengers. I looked back to make sure the coast was clear and there was nothing behind me at all so I pull out in the other lane to pass said bus. I am even with the bus when I hear this siren horn sound and glance in the mirror and the big red lights are right on my tail. I glance at my speed and it is exactly 35 which is the speed limit on that street. I whip around the bus and the big cruiser with the siren and red lights was moving on. I thanked my lucky stars right then and there, bless his heart; he was in a hurry.  Where did it come from? It must have dropped out of the sky because there was nothing behind me two seconds before. After buying toilet paper, I stopped at nearby store and bought tomatoes, corn, strawberries and a cantaloupe. The cantaloupe is delicious. The first good one I have bought this year.
That is my excitement for Monday.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grandma's Favorites

 Some of my favorite pictures of the grand kids at various stages of their lives.
Emily, Cora, Laura, Katie, Molly

Chloe and Leah (cousins)
Leah and Chloe a little older

Terry and Laura

Chloe (a recent one)

Molly and Emily

Jim, Cora and Chloe
Me and thou




Happy Shelby
The Queen rules

Sunday, June 29, 2014

In The Far Past

My flowers needed a frame.

When I used to type at the desk top computer with my hands over the keyboard, I seldom made a mistake, and now I peck out the letters like texting and I can't get anything right. Spellcheck must be from my era, it suggested ‘taxing’ for the word ’texting’. I guess it is taxing to be texting. Anyway it is for me.
My typing teacher would turn over in his grave if he could see how people type today. We had the old typewriter with the paper, and no eraser so you had to learn to do it right or else you would be out of a job. We even had to learn shorthand. A lot of the very young generation probably doesn’t even know what it means.
 You would be called into the boss’s office to take a letter. I always think of Carol Burnett and Tim whatshisname. I can’t remember it right now. Anyway she would take her shorthand book, and go into his office, the way she walked the little distance to his office was the funniest thing of all. The lady was a riot.

I got off the subject there for a minute. Well back to the olden days. Latin was a subject that was required in our school at that time. Latin scared the bejeebers out of me, how would I ever learn Latin. I even had trouble with English. So I dropped out of school and got married. Well, I got out of that jam, didn’t I?
That wasn’t really the reason I got married, but I guess it’s as good as any. There are no good reasons to get married at age 17. 

 Home Ec was another subject that has been rejected, which I think is a big mistake. I learned a lot in that class that was truly helpful to my future. They need more, down to earth, studies of that nature.
Everything seems to be geared toward getting a career. We need lessons on living life with budgets, raising kids, etc.
Most parents learn as they go along. Raising kids is not the same as adopting a pet. You can’t just give them a name and feed them.

I have more beeping gadgets around here.
What was that, the cell phone, the microwave, the TV or my hearing aide?  I’ll bet the three bears didn’t have to put up with that.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Little Rant

There are so many commercials on TV and the Web about looking younger. You would think, looking old, is the worse possible thing that can happen to you. Not everyone has the money to buy all those expensive creams and surgeries. And a lot of people wouldn’t buy it if they could.
Why is it such a terrible thing to look old? We old people get our feelings hurt with all this being run down because we look old. How does that differ from a racial remark?
Heaven help you if you happen to be of a different race and also old. Why is it so hard to accept people just as they are, fat,wrinkled, grey,bent,old, skinny, ugly or just plain ready to check out. 
The commercials are convincing the world that it is an utter disgrace to look old. Maybe they should start making mask’s for us old folks to wear so no one will have to see our old faces. I could wear a wig and a mask so I can be 85, but no one needs to know.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Fly Hunter

  Thank God for flies or I would have no fun at all.

 A very rude fly invited itself into my house, and Sassy the cat is honing her hunting skills. She has spent two days searching for, and making flying leaps in the air swatting at the elusive fly. At one point she had it treed on the inside of a lamp, and almost knocked the lamp over trying to smack it. It got away once again. Now the fly is sitting on the back of a chair and she is having a stare down with it while creeping closer and closer. Oops! missed again. I do swear the fly is teasing her. It comes flying overhead like a Stealth bomber, and swoops down within inches, she grabs for it and it zooms off. I thought about swatting the fly myself, but this is far too entertaining. Now she is on the back of the couch and the fly must be behind the couch and she can’t reach it, but if looks can kill, it’ll be dead in a few minutes. She is staring it down again.

Whoever thought my life would be reduced to this. Some folks take trips and go on cruises or road trips to vacation spots. I stay home and watch my cat chase a fly.

Look how cute I am!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Once Upon a Time

This is not the one I attended, but similar. 

When I was 12 years old the world was a much calmer place. Husbands and wives didn’t get divorced. I don’t think the thought of it ever crossed their mind. The worse trouble a kid ever got into was talking back to the teacher, and if that happened they got a sound beating from the teacher, and when they went home they got another one from their father.
 How would the father know what happened? Because there was no phone in the school building; why would they need such a useless thing in a school house? Yeah, we called them school houses in that day. The father knew because the kid that was in trouble had siblings that couldn’t resist sharing the exciting news with the parents.
The school had a play ground with some swings, a slide and a couple Teeter Totter’s. Ah yes, we had a thing we called Johnny Strikes, which I have since discovered the real name is Giant Strides.  It makes a lot more sense than Johnny Strikes. 
 It was a steel pole with a rotating device on the top with six or more chains hanging down at just the right height for a child to grab the loop on the end of or you could put your arm through the loop and hold the chain with both hands, then everyone would run around the pole until we were almost flying. Most if the time we would take turns with one kid taking his chain and walking around all the others, and when we started running the kid wrapped around the top would become airborne, saved by the chain. 
If State Farm ever heard of that contraption they would have tripled the rates. Schools didn’t carry insurance, in fact their overhead was zilch. They had no school buses, meals, nurse, security guard or even indoor plumbing. We had two smelly outhouses, one for girls and one for boys. A water well that we pumped a bucket of water from each day for the students to drink. I believe the teacher brought the bucket of water in each morning before the kids arrived. The bucket of water had one dipper which we all used. We shared our germs in that day.
 Did I mention this school only had one room, grades one through eight.
That is the way it was back in my day.

This is similar to the one we had, but not as tall as this one.

This is what the bottom was like,