Monday, October 31, 2011

Service with a Smile

I ordered something from a catalog. They send me the wrong size, not the size I ordered. I send it back and asked for the correct size. I didn’t have to pay shipping to send it back. I wait and wait and wait for the item to come.  After about three weeks I get a bill from them. Charging me for the amount of the item. I call them to find out where my order is. I have received a bill and no product. After being on hold for a time, I am told that the item is out of stock and they cannot fill the order. I explain to her that they have charged me the full amount. She tells me that I will only need to pay the shipping charge. “Shipping charge for what, they haven’t shipped anything, but the wrong size and that was their mistake”. So she needs to discuss this with a superior and asked me to hold again. Finally she comes back on line and tells me that as a one-time courtesy they will waive that shipping charge.   I guess that means the next time they goof up it will be my responsibility.  Oh well, as my mother used to say ''It'll all come out in the wash"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Pumpkins

Just some random pictures of Great Granddaughters.
Nancy, Chloe, Cora, Leah, Molly

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Marches On

Charles Lindbergh

I have just been sitting around thinking that when my knee gets on the mend I need to find some interesting things to do.  Other than house cleaning that is. House cleaning is something that really needs to be done. Just in case somebody drops in. If the house is clean you do not have to smile and bear it; you can smile and mean it.

I could join the Senior Center and take up something. I wonder what they do over there.
I am not necessarily inclined to volunteer for a job. I know somebody has to do it. Well, let somebody do it, I won’t stand in their way.
We hear a lot of complaining about how bad things are today compared to a few years back.  I guess it depends on how far back you want to go.  I remember when toilet paper was an outdated Sears Catalog. To go to the bathroom, meant a few yards out back to the little brown shack. It didn’t matter if there was three feet of snow. You had no choice. This was for the little kids as well as the older folk.
Another, not so fond, memory was the schoolhouse. Ours was located exactly one and a half mile from home. You had to hoof it because there was no yellow school bus. Again it didn’t matter if there was three feet of snow. Nobody had a cell phone so the parents could be called to let them know you made it okay. They knew you would be safe.

Recently a family finds their 10-month old baby missing from her crib and it is front-page news until another one happens. Back in 1932 a baby belonging to Charles and Anne Lindbergh was taken out of his crib and his body was found two months later. It made front-page news for years. Charles Lindbergh being a famous aviator was part of the reason it was talked about for so long. Famous aviator? do we still have famous aviators?  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cars and Stuff

I have a car that is as bad off as I am, because it’s old. In people years my car is probably 90 years old. When things get old, they begin to wear out or become somewhat unhurried to say the least. An old person driving an old car is the thing that drives most drivers to the brink of madness. I drive the speed limit or not more than 5 minutes over, and I’m never in a hurry. This is the core of aggravation for the average driver. Go ahead and admit it, you know it's true. Most of them are very kind about it, as they tend to wave one of their fingers at me as they zoom past.
Everything on my car has probably been replaced at least 14 times. I have had a few replacements myself. My teeth, my vision as I had the Cadillacs removed and replaced with artificial lens. What I haven’t had replaced has been removed or rearranged. My battery has never run down, but the battery in the car has run down and been replaced numerous times. My battery has a lifetime guarantee. When it goes, I go.

It’s a boring Tuesday afternoon, but feels like Sunday. Since my Soap has been taken off the air, I never know if it’s a weekday or not. I like to sound dumb, I think people sort of expect it when you’re old. When you’re old you couldn’t possible care less what people think. You must have noticed that in your grand pappy and grand mammy by now.

This is a fun linkJust do it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stuff Happen

Stuff happens. I was reclined in my recliner when out of the blue a big brown spider found his way upon the arm of my chair. We eyeballed each other for a nano-second. I leaped out of my chair without the aid of the chair lift, walker, cane or any of those aids for the disabled. I made three giant leaps through the living room, kitchen and utility room, where I found the fly slayer. I returned very cautiously. That spider was on death row, he just didn’t realize it, or maybe he did because he was now on the lam. He had taken a hike so I decided to wait him out. Sure enough here he comes again. He is on the arm of another chair this time. I grab the swatter, take aim and swat, but I didn’t have a very good bead on him and it just knocked him across the room. At least he will have a good headache. I got up to look for him and there he was, just lying there, waiting for his doom very motionless. I took care of his doom. Bam! Bam! Bam! I wanted to make sure he was dead as possible and while I was beating him up I heard a ping sound against the wall. I had begun to calm down a little so I gingerly step over and bend down to get a better look and it was a little brown rock. The spider is still on the lam.   

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oreo Cookies

Woman can’t live by Oreo’s alone, but I am trying to prove that theory is just wrong.
This woman went to the doctor’s office today to get a shot of Vitamin B12. After that visit I turned West to visit the Wal-Mart to pick up some heavy double duty Vitamin D. (prescription type). It seems that when the body wears out it takes a lot of artificial help to keep it chugging along. On top of that I have this bummed out knee and all the limp parking places were taken so I had to walk five miles (seemed like) to get inside. I picked up some groceries while there and as I was about to check out, I noticed a big gigantic stack of Family Size Oreo’s right in the front of the store. You couldn’t miss them if you were half blind. I also noticed them when I came into the store. It’s about an hour past lunchtime and my brain went into idle mode and my gut took over. My knee is killing me by now, but I must have some Oreo’s and I am not going to hobble down to that cookie aisle to find a smaller package. I purchased the Family Size box and the cookies and me came home. Since I am on a diet I decided to skip lunch and just eat a couple Oreo’s. I deserve a treat after that ordeal.  A couple cookies turned into a half tube. But I didn’t eat any lunch. So tonight I made a very diet type dinner and for dessert I thought I would eat just a couple Oreo’s. Well the other half tube is almost gone. They just vanished into thin air. It’s the Wal-Mart’s fault. I feel like suing them for parking those cookies right in plain sight that way.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life goes on

Great-grand daughter,Chloe and Brandon at Day care

Both Great-grand daughters
Not much news. I finally received a package in the mail after 13 days. It only came from Calif to Wash.

Oh well, it was a coat and I haven't needed it yet. Summer is hanging on. It started out by Fed Ex and when it got to my town they gave it to the Post Office to deliver. It's been cloudy all day, but I haven't noticed any rain. 
 I am going to have to ask for a rate increase. That is what utility companies do when they want more money.  I'll be lucky If I don't get a rate decrease from  Social Security, which isn't so secure these days. Maybe they should name it something else.