Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ghostly Things

This is the day I got my B12 Shot/Weigh-in. I didn’t dig my heels in quite so much when they dragged me to the scale. I lost the four pounds that I had gained the last time. Two steps forward and two steps backward. Who can tell if an elephant loses four pounds. So it’s not much consolation. 
I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up when this presidential election is over. My other choice is to turn the TV off. 

What do you think about those that can talk to the dead? They never say what they do and what it’s like where they are. That’s what I want to know. I’ve tried talking to those dead people and they just ignore me. Maybe they are too dead to lift their head. 
I have a ton of friends over there and they never tell me anything. My husband never answers my questions either, he just ignores me. Some things never change. Oh, I’m just kidding so don’t get on my case about being disrespectful. 
When you write a blog you have to come up with something. I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel. I have had this blog since 08/07 and this is my 508th post, so no wonder I have run out of anything to talk about. Sometimes I consider just shutting it down, but what if I thought of something to say and didn't have a blog. There is nobody around here to talk to. When I had my dog, she would sometimes bark at the corner in the living room, and I always thought, “I wonder who that is”. One of those long lost dead friends I supposed. Or it could be a member of the family. Now when they come to visit I never know because they won’t speak up. And if they did I would have a heart attack and join them on the other side. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some of my favorite pictures

This is how it looks from my front door

This was her favorite gift

Her favorite outfit

One of their favorite pass times
in their Nana's Day Care

Taking a little stroll

Molly and the girls and the pumpkins

A little walk with her Mom and Papa

Dressed up in their Christmas dresses

Having a little chat with her uncle and aunt
Paul and Molly

Friday, January 20, 2012

Story Of My Life

Story of My Life

I walk the treadmill a mile a day
hoping the fat will go away,
but all I ever lose is weight from my feet
Never an ounce comes off my seat !!

Winter has arrived, you don’t need to look at a calendar to confirm it. There is plenty of snow, icicles and slick streets.  It sure takes away the desire to go some place. 
Every time I go to get my Vitamin B12 shot, which is every two weeks, they drag me to the scale the first thing. They are waiting for me at the door so they can weigh me. It has to be done immediately.  I just grit my teeth and take it. They have this big new scale and it must have cost a mint and they want to get their moneys worth. 
I decided I would give them a little surprise so I put myself on a diet. I didn't weigh at home, but I knew I had lost about 5 or 6 lbs. I always lose weight the first couple weeks of a diet. I couldn't wait for the big Weigh-In. I breezed through that door like a butterfly that morning. There she was waiting for me and we know where the scale is, I step on that scale and watched the digital read out and I could not believe my eyes, I had gained 4 pounds. I am not kidding and I am not making it up. I am even crying about it. Four pounds! I must be retaining water. I know I’m not retaining donuts, because I haven’t been eating any.  
Maybe I am getting too much salt because I think that can cause water retention so I asked my sister to give me the name of that salt substitute she uses. It is called NoSalt. So I went to a store to buy some and it was $7.49 for 11 ozs. It must have gold nuggets mixed into it. I bought it and the next time I went to Wal-Mart I priced it there and it was for $5.00 and something. That is just ridiculous that it should be so expensive. 

I am on this low salt diet and if that doesn’t work I guess nothing will. The low salt did help one thing. My blood pressure is always higher than it should be even though I take blood pressure medicine.  The other day it was normal for the first time in a long time. So I think I will continue the low salt trick. I don’t know if I have lost any weight or not. I’ll find out Tuesday, if I can get through the snow and ice. I better be there because it’s important that they weigh me. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Save Money Now

To help save the economy, the Government will announce next month that the Immigration Department will start deporting seniors (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs.
Older people are easier to catch and will not remember how to get back home.
I started to cry when I thought of you.
Then it dawned on me ... oh, crap...
I'll see you on the bus!

Somebody sent this to me in the mail and thought I would share.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Way it is

It’s a quiet weekend on the home front. I am dog sitting or in this case the dog is sitting me. This dog is big enough to take care of herself, so we are just keeping each other company. Now and then the dog comes over and lays her paw on my leg so I guess you could say we have been holding paws all weekend.
She is quiet and not anxious about anything. I was afraid she would be pacing the floor. My dog died about four years ago and sometimes I think about getting another one, but haven’t been too serious about it yet. My son said,” You don’t need to get another dog, you can borrow ours.”
Somehow that just isn’t the same as having your own dog. That would be like borrowing somebody’s kid for a day or two. Who does that?
It’s been cold as Alaska, but no snow and I am very pleased about that. 

I tried to take a picture of the dog, but it was impossible to get a good one. My camera is slow and I'm even slower. S
he would always move before I could snap it. In this one, she not only moved, she laid down and went to sleep.   
Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day. Some holidays we light firecrackers, or dye and hunt Easter eggs or wear green, or eat big meals, or buy each other gifts or send valentines. We need to come up with something fun to do for his day. I guess there will be parades, but that isn’t much fun.
Till Next Time.

This is Pepper

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scammers and Such

I came into this life 83 years ago. It has been a rough row to hoe at times, but I hoed it. 
Now I’m in my twilight years. That means my sun has dropped below my horizon, and that isn’t all that dropped below my horizon. My income dropped. Now I bet you thought I was going to say something different.
Dumb things happen every day. This is the dumbest one that happened to me recently.  My phone rang and when I answered it the man asked for somebody I had never heard of so I told him that he had the wrong number. He said, “Ma’am, it says right here 965-84” at that point the phone went dead. I was sorry that he hung up because that was one argument I might have won. You can’t win them all. 

Scammers are getting thicker by the day. I keep getting an email from one of them. In the subject line it says. “You have Received 900.00USD Cash Deposited.” They are waiting for me to respond so they can deposit 900-dollors into my account. This one must be an overseas scammer. They don’t know how to spell dollars. Most Americans know how to spell dollars. I have unsubscribed to the letter twice because they gave that option. But they keep sending a new one every few days. It is either and out-and-out scam or one of the loan sharks that would let you know it was a loan after it was accepted and then charge 90 percent interest.  If you’re interested, I can forward the letter to you. Maybe they would deposit into your account. 

Nothing much going around this part of the woods. Email scammers and wrong numbers is about all.
Till Next Time